Reentry: A Second Chance to Make a First Impression
The majority of offenders are “coming soon to a neighborhood near you” and as corrections professionals it is all of our jobs to assist in the reentry of offenders. We are working within the Department, with community partners, and state agencies to increase community safety and reduce recidivism rates. We would like to keep you apprised on progress in this important initiative and hope to receive your feedback and suggestions throughout this process.
For more information regarding Reentry: http://corrections.ky.gov/reentry/Pages/default


Restoration of Civil Rights Application


Kentucky Commission on Human Rights
KCHR is mandated by KRS 344 to educate members of the public about their rights under the law to live free from discrimination in Kentucky. The agency conducts a comprehensive program of education, training, outreach, partnerships, and public awareness initiatives to vigorously carry out this task. For more information: www.kchr.ky.gov/